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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lose Internet Connection Local Only - How To Fix

We interrupt your regular scheduled programming to bring you a fix for a problem that seems to be very common but one that no one seems to have a solution for.  For four years, I have had a problem with losing my wireless internet connection.  It would happen randomly during the day.  Sometimes it would happen when a neighbor signed on to their network and I would get kicked off the internet and lose the connection, even though we were not on the same network.  Other times it would just happen.  Rebooting the computer was the only way that the problem would be solved and the internet would come back.  Yesterday I was just playing around and solved the problem.  So far it has worked every single time.  Try this solution.  Start the Task Manager by pressing down on the ctrl + alt + delete keys.  Then click the tab that says Services.  In the lower right hand corner click the box that says Services.  Scroll down to where it says Network Connections.  Double click it.  Press stop.  Wait until it stops and then press start.  Wait until it loads and press okay.  X out of Services and start up your internet browser, or click refresh on the page that you were already on when you lost the internet connection.  Wait until it loads and it should bring you to the internet.  Just wanted to share this because it is a very frustrating problem that I never could find a solution to.  Please comment and let me know if this fixed your problem.  Hope it helps others.